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  1. Sound recording for video production »

    Are you wondering what sound equipment to use for your video production? Or even just wondering how to make your video production sound a bit more professional? Then watch this video blog I made while in Istanbul, which look’s at 4 different audio alternatives and will give you an idea on how to achieve great […]

  2. How to make a web video »

    So you’re a small business owner, you’re sold on the idea of a promotional video and the power of the internet to spread your word, but you feel you just can’t afford to have one made for you and you want to know how to make a web video? Well this posting’s for you then. […]

  3. Stage Direction Tips For Live Corporate Events »

    I recently worked on a 3 camera live event shoot and throughout the shoot we kept coming up against a couple of problems that Id imagine are all too common when doing live corporate style events and dealing with speakers who aren’t necessarily used to being on camera. The event itself was a three day […]

  4. How Much Should My Web Video Production Cost? »

    The question; how much should my web video production cost? Has been asked by countless businesspeople in companies ranging from, small start-ups to large multi-national blue chips. Although of course, a blue chip making a mistake in this area is a lot better placed to rectify, than a start-up. Ultimately the first question will lead […]

  5. The Emperor’s New 3D Clothes »

    3D mania is upon us, I’ve heard of some production companies offering corporate videos in 3D and I recently saw a question on a forum asking if anyone knew any hire houses doing 3D pro-sumer cameras. The person in question had a documentary to shoot and wanted to do it in 3D, my immediate question […]

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