Double R Productions


Local Government Improvement and Development Agency
When Carmelita Charles Principal Consultant at the Local Government Improvement and Development Agency needed to put the results of an Action Learning Plan onto the LGID website, she decided to use Roli Rivelino’s video production services.

“At LGID we are using video production more and more, so I’m always interested to hear about a competent video production solution provider. I had been recommended Roli Rivelino’s video production services by another solution provider, who’d said that he’d dealt with Roli and found him most professional and accommodating of his needs. I had spearheaded an Action Learning plan which had already been filmed in parts and turned into a training video; the previous video production was made up of a mixture of professional filming on mini-dv tapes and amateur filming on mobile phones.

Roli used his video production skills to re-edit the various bits of footage into several bite-sized chunks which were perfect for the web, also Roli was easily able to recreate some important motion graphics to the same standard as they were in the original video production. I was very pleased with the video production services he provided and am looking forwards to working with him again.”

Carmelita Charles Principal Consultant – Local Government Improvement and Development Agency