Double R Productions


Based in London, Double R Productions is a company that can offer a complete video post-production service, either as part of our video production services or on a freelance basis, either through its in-house freelance video editors and video graphic artists, based in and around London or through its partner post-production companies.

Roli Rivelino is the Double R Productions head digital video editor, a Final Cut Pro graduate of the London Video College; he has extensive knowledge of video editing techniques and brings to his videos, from a background in photography, a unique eye and elegance to his editing. He is adept at learning new software and recently added the BBC’s Q-Edit to his repertoire.

A good edit can bring videos to life, in the same way a bad edit can ruin a potentially good video, hence Double R Productions is often brought in at the post-production stage to rescue a bad or old edit.

Good, creative video editing is crucial to your overall production, that’s why we often go further than other video editing and post-production houses to make sure the edit is spot on and your web video is finished to the highest possible standard.

Each corporate video production that Double R completes for its clients is an advert for our video production services, which is why we’d rather spend more time than was originally allocated and paid for, to get the edit right at no extra cost, than to put out a sub-standard video.

Part of what make’s our video editing services unique, is that we can deliver the personal service of a small post-production company, whilst having access to the physical and intellectual resources of a large one.

So whether you have a short 2 minute web video and need a freelance video editor to re-edit and add some small changes. Or you need a major edit as part of our end-to-end video production service, you’ll always get a video editing service tailored to your specific needs.

So don’t delay, contact Double R Productions today and find out how our video editing services can benefit your video production.