Double R Productions

Motion Graphic

Double R Productions is a unique London production company in that we can offer the personal service of a small video production company, whilst having access to the physical and intellectual resources of a large one.

Our motion graphics service can be used to enhance and/or add a colour effect to your video production, whether it is part of our end-to-end video production service or as a stand alone service.

Motion graphics is a broad term that covers anything from animated text and logos to simple moving text. Often a video production can be brought to life by manipulating text and logos thus keeping the viewer’s attention and adding a more professional feel to your video.

We’ve had clients in the past that just want us to add and animate titles and captions on an already completed productions which we are more than happy to do.

So whether you want to use our motion graphics service to enhance a video production you’ve already completed independently or you want to use it as part of our end-to-end video production service, we are more than happy to accommodate your specific needs.

So contact us today to find out how motion graphics service can enhance your video production.