Double R Productions


Double R Productions is a corporate video company, giving a very unique and personal end-to-end service, we’re always striving to be better and do better for our clients.

A corporate video production can be split into four distinct parts; ” The idea – involves conceptualising, identifying goals and scripting. ” The preparation – involves casting, location scouting, and other logistical needs such as equipment and transport. ” The shooting – involves filming all the elements needed to make your corporate video. ” Post Production – involves editing, titling, motion graphics, DVD duplication.

Whilst there might be more or less to your particular production, these are the key elements required to make a first class corporate video production. At Double R Productions we pride ourselves on making the video production process as smooth as possible, so that all the client has to do is supply any materials and of course the budget.

We supply an end-to-end video production service from the idea to the delivery, be that online as a promotional web video or as a promotional DVD, or even on a company intranet as an internal communication.

Just because we supply an end-to-end service, it doesn’t mean you have to use it every time. Clients come to Double R at different stages of the production process, you might have already come up with an idea, identified your goals and even a script in part or full.

We realise that whether you’re producing a web video, a training video, internal communication or viral video, that you’ll have different and very specific needs and what’s more we realise that as with any other purchasing decision, our clients want to squeeze value from every penny they are spending.

Whatever stage of production you’re at, we can help finish that production and make sure that the video delivers on its objectives and comes in on budget, on time.

So contact us for a free no obligation consultation and quote and find out how Double R Productions services can help you achieve your video production goals.